Real Estate Marketing Services

As a agent, agency or property developer your main goal is to get your brand in front of potential clients be they buyers or sellers in order to increase leads and close more deals. With the slow down in the Auckland housing market, thinking outside the box to target these buyers and sellers is now more important than ever.

We are an Auckland based , Google certified digital agency that helps real estate agents and firms leverage digital marketing platforms to achieve their goals.

Want to beat your competitors that still use traditional real estate advertising and steal clients from under their noses? Read on...

What Our Real Estate Marketing Services Involve:

Find Property Vendors

Finding vendors is made easy with our real estate marketing packages. On average, our clients get 40 new vendor leads a month thanks to our targeted Facebook and Adwords campaigns. This alone is more than enough to cover your spend with us.

Our campaigns capture lead details from active sellers in your area thus saving you time and money drumming up leads. We also target people seeking quick sales thanks to the extensive targeting offered to us by the platforms we use.

Find Property Buyers

We target active buyers in your area via Adwords, and Facebook ads. We can target people by their behaviour across the internet (actively searching for properties to buy, visiting your competitors' site etc), the demographic they belong to, including their household income, household composition and more.

This high level targeting not only gets you in front of active buyers, but it also saves you money and time. Start stealing your competitors' lunch today.

Ready to get more sales?

If you have any questions or would like to get more vendors and sales, then get in touch with us about our real estate marketing services!

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Real Estate Website Design Services

Many real estate agents don't have their own website and rely on their agent listing within the parent company's website. This restricts you in the way you can market yourself due to restricted access to the code. Not only are you lumped together with all the other agents, there's nothing to set you apart to help build your brand. Good web design can make you stand out.

All your hard work driving traffic to your page is laid to waste as soon as the user gets distracted by other listings or agents within the company. Having your own site, with your listings present on it not only looks more professional but it also allows you more flexibility when it comes to building your database, your advertising and remarketing to your customers which in turn leads to more leads and closes.

Pay Per Click Marketing for Real Estate

With today's short attention spans, it pays to be at the top of your customers' minds. Over 80% of prospects that see your ads regularly will end up converting into customers. We are Google certified Adwords experts who know more than your average in-house marketers, as a result of which we can maximise your returns on investment when it comes to Google Ads, the Display Network and Ad . What does this mean for you? You can:

  • Target buyers who are actively in the market to buy property or sellers looking to sell.
  • Target buyers who have recently visited your competitors' listings or websites.
  • Retarget users who have visited your site with visual ads around the internet, Facebook & their mobiles for up to 75% less than standard rates.
  • Target users with ads specific to the listings they have recently visited as well as their on site behaviour.
  • Target your open home visitors with ads to stay fresh in their minds.
  • Segment users by their demographic (first home buyers, investment property buyers, holiday home buyers etc)
  • + much more

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Real Estate Retargeting & Remarketing

Remarketing & Retargeting are two different things. Marketers often get these confused or think they're one in the same. Retargeting is the process of targeting your visitors with ads based on their specific requirements and intentions after analysing the data they leave behind once they've visited your or your competition's site. In effect, we as real estate marketers can spy on the user to see where on your site they went, what brought them there and what content they engaged with the most. Based on this data we can follow them around the internet with specific ads leading to higher click through rates and conversions.

Remarketing on the other hand is the process of serving users who have actively shown intent to purchase your property e.g. if they download a LIM report for a particular property, you can then send them an email or serve them with an ad specific to that property. The same thing applies to visitors to your open homes. We segment them into different bins for you and serve them with the relevant information leading to higher close rates.

Virtual Tours of Real Estate Listings.

Potential buyers may not be able to make it to your open homes for a variety of reasons or perhaps they wish to view the property before they make the trip out. Virtual tours are an excellent way to showcase your property to such people. Having your own website allows you to embed such tours within the property listing resulting in a more well rounded listing.

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Real Estate SEO

SEO can be complex when it comes to large agency websites. With all agencies within Auckland jostling for the top spot, it pays to invest in some good quality SEO to beat out the competition. While this service is mostly for agencies, we do offer local search optimisation for individual realtors. More on that below.

Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

Local SEO is great to attract sellers to your site as the listings are based on the geographical location of the seller. Say you're an agent who specialises in the Takanini area, you'll want to show up within the map and business listings when someone from the area is searching for a realtor. They should then be driven to a conversion optimised landing page specific to the area and entered into a sales funnel automatically. We handle all this for you so you can focus on what you do best: sell property.

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social media for real estate agents
Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Perhaps the biggest thing since the invention of the internet itself. Social media marketing and advertising is vital to building your brand in today's day and age. With the majority of people spending a ton of time on social platforms such as Facebook, it's a no brainer. At Digigo we can fully manage your page, posts and campaigns. The targeting available via Facebook ads is ridiculously good - we can target people interested in your competitors and buying or selling real estate, who live within a certain suburb and are likely to move in the near future or distressed sellers looking for a quick sale. Our retargeting campaigns also run across Facebook so you can achieve multiple touch points across platforms. Regular posts on Facebook will only get in front of about 17% of your current followers, our targeting will get you in front of all of them to drive referrals through to you.

In-House Staff Training & Strategy Sessions

In case you don't want a fully managed real estate marketing package or if you just want to upskill your workers, you can opt for in house training and strategy sessions. Depending on your requirements we can visit you for ongoing strategy sessions where we look at your campaign performance, discuss your goals and help you tweak the campaigns and make a plan for the month ahead. We can also train your staff in how to create and edit campaigns so that they can do the needful going forward.

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Ready To Beat The Competition?

If you have any questions and would like to know more about our real estate marketing services, drop us a line for a no-obligation consultation.