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Digigo Marketing

We create profitable, high-impact digital marketing campaigns and products that get results. We do this by using good design, marketing strategy, and psychological principles to change behavior.

Our clients are in the process of digitizing their business operations or looking for a partner who can help them stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing environment so they can focus on what they’re passionate about – which probably isn’t digital marketing.

Holistic Digital Marketing Strategies

Rather than focus on vanity metrics, we focus on your goals. Whether you want to get more leads or want to increase revenue from existing customers on autopilot, we’ve got carefully crafted digital strategy to meet most goals.

We’ve helped restaurants get more diners, software companies get more leads and FMCG businesses sell more product – all using digital platforms. 

Profitable Online Marketing

We work on both brand new accounts wanting the best start as well as accounts that have existing campaigns and processes they’re looking to improve. During our initial assessment we’ll highlighting existing processes that are prime for optimisation. 

Campaigns that don’t meet targets are culled regularly to maximise return on your investment.

Access to performance results 24/7.

“Have they done their job?”, “How much is this costing me?”, “What return am I getting?”…these are all questions you shouldn’t have to wait days for an answer to. With Digigo you get full access to your data and performance reports so you know how your digital campaigns are working wherever you are.

Digital marketers, Not sales people.

In today’s throw away age, many digital marketing businesses are based on constant client acquisition. Everything is good till you sign the dotted line, then things fall apart. We’ve been helping businesses grow for over 14 years. We grow by focusing on our existing clients rather than spend time getting new ones to fill their vacated seats. Our account mangers are digital marketers, based in NZ, not sales people with targets selling you on something you don’t need. 

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