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Email marketing is more than the occasional newsletter. Our email marketing services help businesses reduce the costs of sales and increase revenue.

With the cost of getting new customers increasing and privacy changes affecting digital advertising, your email marketing strategy is something that’s vital to your overall marketing strategy.

Our email marketing experts set up and implement your email marketing machine to engage with your audience, nurture more leads and get more sales on autopilot.

Email Marketing – The Hidden Gem of Marketing

Some ways email marketing can help your business grow

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Over half your visitors will abandon their cart before they make a purchase. We send automated reminder emails to them to force a conversion faster. Get a complete, integrated ecommerce email marketing package to automate repetitive, timely campaigns.

Nurture Leads to Sales

Touch base with your customers regularly and build trust with the market automatically. Our personalised, automated mailing campaigns do this for you and saves you time you’d otherwise spend keeping track of and following up potential buyers.

Save Advertising Costs

As digital advertising costs increase and social media organic reach reduces, the price of sending an email are relatively low. A strong email marketing strategy helps you reduce costs and increase revenue.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Newsletters and regular updates a great way to keep in touch with your customers and to build customer loyalty. It could be a simple hello or a coupon code. It can also help you to promote your products or services, and to generate sales leads and referrals.

Test New Products

Email marketing can be used to test new products or get feedback and reviews from existing customers. Without having to launch a full marketing campaign, we help you leverage your email database to launch targeted pre launch and pre sale campaigns.

Measurable Increase in Sales

In the interest of transparency, we track all email sends and opens. This allows us to track and attribute sales to the right channel. We’ve found that our email campaigns are second only to organic traffic when it comes to boosting sales.

Our Email Marketing Services

How we help businesses grow with email marketing

email nurture strategy

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

We develop an email marketing strategy around what’s important to your business. This includes nurture streams and schedules for each user segment¬† so we can anticipate and capitalise on the user’s changing needs.

We help you choose the ideal email marketing platform of which there are many: Mailchimp, Aweber, Keap fka Infusionsoft, Drip, Hubspot etc.

If you have an existing platform, we can either continue on there (functionality permitting) or help you migrate and segment your database on the new platform.

Here are 8 benefits of email marketing to better understand why email marketing should be part of your strategy.

gather leads via organic and paid traffic

Stop Wasting Traffic with Lead Capture

Your customer’s email address is one of the most valuable things you can collect and use when it comes to your digital sales strategy. With it you can email them with news and offers for next to nothing. We also use it to build targeted audiences and lookalike audiences on Google & Facebook.

With lead ads, landing pages and lead magnets, we help you build your email database. If you already have a database and want to do your own email marketing, then here are some email marketing tips to follow to maximise returns.

segment email database for effective email marketing

Personalised Emails with Database Segmenting

A well segmented database increases open rates and conversions because it allows you to serve users with personalised messages relevant to where they are in the customer journey. Gone are the days of blanket blasting your email list with no results to show for it. We perform list segmentation and list cleanups to keep your database accurate and effective. If you need help migrating your database from one CRM to another, we can help.

we create engaging emails that users love

Integrated Email Marketing

Email marketing is just one element to an effective marketing strategy. We combine email marketing with other digital marketing channels to create effective campaigns. We track user intent and engagement on your website and the emails to serve users with relevant information via social media or a follow up email to nudge them closer to conversions. We believe in Analytics & Reporting to keep things transparent and on track.

personalised email marketing

Done for you Email Marketing

Creating and executing an effective email marketing strategy that’s integrated with your overarching digital marketing strategy requires time and skills. If you’re short on either of those, we’re here to set up and run it all for you. This includes:

Planning your email marketing calendar
Designing your EDMs
Integrating emails with other channels and CRMs
Tracking performance data in real time

We make sure everything works behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business.

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