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google marketing for ecommerce

Google Ads Management NZ

Our Google Ads Certified Partners have helped NZ businesses get great results from their paid advertising for over 10 years.

We manage Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns as part of an integrated marketing strategy. We create, manage and optimise all types of Google ads campaigns including: Google Shopping, Banner Ads, Local Map Ads and Responsive Search Ads to help your business or ecommerce store reach 1000’s of potential buyers in the right place, at the right time.

We help you get more customers with Google Ads

Whether you’re looking to sell physical products or want to generate leads for your service based business, our Auckland based, certified Google Ads managers help you serve users on the path to purchase with your message in the right place, at the right time.

Hassle Free Setup

We’ll have your ad campaigns up and running and in front of potential customers within days. The setup process is streamlined, request a callback to get started.

Google Ads Experts in Auckland

Our Google certified experts are based in NZ to avoid any communication and creative issues. You’ll deal directly with the person working on your account for better service.

Monitor Progress 24/7

 Get a complete overview of your digital campaigns and performance via your real time Analytics dashboard. Use these insights to improve your business.

You Retain Ownership

Unlike other Google ad agencies, at Digigo, you retain ownership of your ad account which means you can’t be held hostage if and when you choose to leave.

Strategic Integrations

We integrate Google Ads as part of your overarching digital marketing strategy. Your sales funnel work better when all channels ‘talk’ to each other.

No Minimum Spend

There is no minimum spend when it comes to Google Ads and no lock in contracts by default.

How our NZ Google Ads Specialists help

Our Auckland Google Ads Consultants help businesses integrate and optimise Google Ads as part of their overall marketing strategy. We look at your existing setup, set up your Google Ads & integrations correctly, create profitable Google ad campaigns using the different Google Surfaces and ensure we maximise your return on investment.

Set up Google Ads correctly

Google Ads Setup

Our Auckland based Google Ad experts set up your account, event & conversion tracking, account linking as well as ad campaigns so your campaigns get off to the best possible start.

Learn what makes a Google Ad campaign setup and why mistakes can be costly.

Get More Customers

Google Ads Customers

Most people search for goods and services on Google before they buy. We get your business to the top of search results (above organic results) and map results.

To improve conversion rates, we also create and maintain retargeting ads on the Google Search, Shopping & Display Networks for complete coverage.

Improve Account Performance

Improve google ads performance

If you have an existing Google ad account that isn’t performing well, we’ll rescue it.

From disapproved or non existent merchant feeds to keyword research and landing page matching, we’ll go through the account to improve conversions and have it getting you a positive return on investment.

Google Marketing Results

Our Auckland based Google Marketing experts have helped clients reach their audiences & achieve their business goals using the Google advertising platform for over 10 years.

steens honey
300% Increase in Revenue

By improving and optimising an existing ad account and expanding to social channels.

R80 Rugby
22:1 ROAS  (Return on Ad Spend)

By executing Google Shopping and Google Search Ads combined with social media retargeting.

2.5x CPA Reduction

Through Organic SEO, Google & Social Media ad campaigns we reduced the cost / new customer to under $10.

Google Ads Options

We manage all types of Google ads including advanced retargeting ads. Google ads can be run individually or as part of a holistic marketing strategy. The type of Google ad campaign that will best suit your business depends on your goals. Each advertising product by Google has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your goals. Here’s an article where we compare SEO v/s Paid Google Ads to help you decide if Google Ads are the right fit for you.

Google Ads Management NZ

Google Search Ads

Users targeted by Google Ads dispay high purchase intent making Google Ads useful for targeting warm prospects.

Incorrect targeting can be a costly mistake as the cost/click is higher than other platforms. Luckily we undertake proper keyword research and landing page matching to improve campaign results.

Formerly called Google Adwords and the most popular pull marketing option used to target users as they search for your products or services.

Google Shopping for Ecommerce

This relatively new option has quickly become the most popular ad option for ecommerce businesses. Generally cheaper than Google Search Ad, Google Shopping relies on a regularly optimised product feed for maximum effectiveness due to it’s reliance on machine learning.

Cover your bases on all Google Surfaces with Smart Shopping campaigns dynamically serving & retargeting users with ads. Find out more about our ecommerce marketing services for an integrated digital marketing approach.

Attention grabbing, product tiles that feature on the top of Google search results. Perfect for increasing sales of physical products sold on ecommerce websites with the ability to push product feeds to Google Merchant Center

Google Banner Ads for Brand Awareness

The Google Display Network is made up of websites you’d know like theguardian, and These banner ads allows users to be retargeted with visual ads long after they visit your website.

To gain extra authority by association with these sites, running Discovery campaigns on the display network is one of the services we offer.

Visual banner ads across the Google Display Network used for branding and retargeting. Users are targetable based on their browser behaviour. Improve brand recognition with contextual ads.

Google Local Ads for Local Businesses

Target users looking for a shop around them with the products you sell. Google map ads feature your listing above other organic map listings to help you target users on the path to purchase.

Beat the competition with these simple ads and get more customers in the process. Our local seo packages work well in parallel with local Google ads to improve customer visits from multiple channels (and not putting all your eggs into one paid basket)

Feature at the top of Google Maps listings across a wider area than organic results

Have a question?

The competition for a keyword decides the cost / click. There is no minimum spend with Google Ads so the cost is as much as your budget will allow. We generally recommend $600/mth.

High competition keywords have a high CPC e.g. Digital Marketing costs over $60/click. Crazy right? So the trick is to understand your consumer, their problems and how your solution helps them. By understanding the long tail keywords your customers use, we target lower cost keywords which generally sit under $2/click. 

Google Shopping is a cost effective option for ecommerce businesses as the cost of Google Shopping clicks sits at under $1. Retargeting campaigns can cost between $2-$3/click as the algorithm has to work harder to get those people back to your site and it knows that they’re more likely to buy (2x more likely). The cost / click on social media is generally lower, we touch on it in our article comparing Facebook ads v/s Google ads 

Google gives ads a Quality Score which in turn affects how much you pay per click. A low QS results in a higher CPC (by almost 40%) so it’s important to get your Quality Score high. Our Google Ad experts work hard to improve the QS, resulting in profitable campaigns and ad spend savings. 

The Quality Score depends on many factors, check out this article on Quality Score factors and how to improve them. This will result in you getting more results for less.

If you’ve never run Google Ads before, you would be eligible for a Google Ads credit. The credit value varies from $100-$600. If you already have a Google Ads account and are an ecommerce business, then you’re eligible for free listings on Google Surfaces and Google Shopping. These listings won’t be displayed as prominently as paid ads, but it still gets you in front of people. 

Yes you can but just like with me building a house, it can become an expensive learning experience given the different moving parts and lack of experience. 

You can use the simplified Google Ads interface to run ads pretty quickly but that convenience comes at a cost. In our experience, you can expect to pay up to 5x for traffic than you would if you used the advanced Google Ads setup. This holds true for Instagram and Facebook too – the platforms build in a convenience and ignorance fee.

Google Ad campaigns will take about 5 days to go through a ‘learning phase’ during which the algorithm works to match your ads to the right people in the right place. You can still get conversions during this phase but they’re not as reliable. 

Nope, just give us 30 days notice. Your ad account will always remain yours.

Your Google Ads will be managed by Google Ads experts based in Auckland, New Zealand so as to not compromise on quality or communication. 

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We increase leads and sales with Google ads.

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