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Local SEO for NZ Businesses

Local SEO services for local brick and mortar stores and services. We optimise your website to rank higher for localised search terms like ‘thai restaurant auckland’ or ‘wedding caterer wanaka’.  Local SEO is a great way to increase visibility of your website to local buyers.

Optimise Google My Business / Google Map Listing

Localise your website content for better local search ranks

Local domain link building Backlinks from and .nz domain names to further localise your search strategy

We help you get customer reviews to improve your map listing rank as well as overall site rank.

Our Local SEO Deliverables

Localised Content SEO

We localise your existing website copy by optimising it for search terms used by local buyers. We do this by researching the keywords being used in the local area and edit the website copy to be more relevant to those search terms.

GMB and Google Map Optimisation

We optimise your Google My Business (GMB) listing and Google Map listing so you appear higher in local search results.

Improve Website Load Speed

Website load speed it one of the most important factors for SEO in general. Run tests at GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights to see how fast your site loads. We can also help you with Mobile SEO that’ll improve your mobile PageSpeed and Core Vitals metrics in Google Search Console.

Build Local Backlinks

We build backlinks from local or .nz websites where possible including reputable directories. We also offer a full link building service which includes content marketing and guest posting.

Integrate Real Time Reporting

See your organic traffic rise in real time – fully attributable down to the page and keywords used. No more (not provided) keywords in Google Analytics – we show you ALL the keywords users use to find you as well as the rate at which their ranks improve under our SEO management.

Technical SEO

Businesses often have good content but miss out on the technical optimisation when it comes to their website. Things like meta tags, alt tags, rich snippets and open graph sharing often get ignored. We make sure all the technical bits of your website are up to scratch to make it easier and faster to index correctly.

Your Local SEO Questions, Answered.

There are a few reasons why local SEO is often a better option than general SEO. First, local SEO is more targeted, meaning that you can reach out to a specific audience that is more likely to be interested in your product or service. Second, local SEO is more effective for businesses that have a physical location. By optimizing your website for local search, you can reach out to customers who are near your business and encourage them to visit in person

There are a few factors here: the level of involvement you wish to have with the campaign, the keyword difficulty and the existing state of your website.

Fully managed services start at $750/month. SEO Packages

Short answer, 2-6 months. Long answer…SEO isn’t an overnight traffic pill, it’s an ongoing undertaking. This is why many businesses choose to ignore SEO in favour of paid marketing. 

It takes up to a month for your site to get indexed and then a further month for the rankings to settle beyond the ‘Google Dance’. Once the ranks have settled, we recommend a further 2-4 months to solidify the ranks by optimising the site in real time.

Bear in mind there are only 3 map listings and 10 organic search result slots on Page 1 of Google. Your competition will likely optimise their website once they lose their rank so it’s a constant game of being better than the rest. Lucky for you, we’re good at this game.

Sure can, many businesses follow our SEO recommendation and DIY their SEO. As long as you steer away from quick fixes like 100’s of cheap backlinks or writing without understanding the market or adding in lots of elements to your site that result in a slow load time, you should be fine. 

Mistakes in SEO however can cost you time and money – a lot of it. This is because a misstep can banish your website to Page 8-9 and get it de-indexed. Fixing a de-indexed site can take up to 6 months.

So just as we wouldn’t build our own roofs for lack of knowledge and experience, we wouldn’t recommend doing your own SEO if you’re unsure.

We provide you with a real time report on the progress of your SEO campaign. We also have a monthly phone call with you where we review the tasks delivered and the opportunities for the following month. Through this call, you can ask us other digital marketing related questions too.

Yes we’ve been doing this for over a decade and all our SEO clients have seen meaningful gains in their Organic traffic. Our fundamentals remain the same so we can guarantee traffic gains for your website – or we’ll optimise it for free till it does.

Local SEO Pricing

DIY SEO Get advice and a plan
  • SEO Review including: Keyword Research, Competitor Research & Opportunities
  • Executable SEO Plan including what to do and where to get top ranks
  • Live Consulting & Help 4 Hours
Local SEO - Standard 6 month recommended timeline

SEO package designed to help local businesses rank for local search results. We’ve rolled all the best practices and areas of interest into one package so you don’t have to.

  • SEO Review
  • GMB & Google Maps Optimisation
  • Alt Tag Update
  • Site Localisation
  • Meta Tags Optimisation
  • Content Localisation
  • Site Speed Boost
  • Directory Backlinks
Ad Hoc SEO Services Pay as you go
  • SEO Advice & Consulting with a Local SEO expert $150/hr
  • No Term Local SEO $1000/month
  • Site Speed Boost – Load times under 3s $800
  • Content Marketing – We create & distribute relevant content for powerful, contextual backlinks From $500/month
  • SEO Copywriting $100/1000 words
  • Technical SEO – If your site just needs a slight boost to get the technical SEO right. From $1250

Other Services for Local Businesses

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