Digital Marketing for NZ Real Estate

digital marketing for real estate agents


Digital marketing services for real estate agents to build their brand, get more leads & sales in their target locations.

digital marketing for real estate developers


Get a steady stream of enquiries & leads for your real estate development with our digital marketing services for developers.

digital marketing for private sellers

Private Sellers

Sell your home yourself with our digital marketing packages for Private Sellers and save 1000’s in sales commissions.

digital marketing for agencies


For Property Management & Real Estate Agencies get and convert more leads – on autopilot.

Real Estate Websites

Still relying on your profile page on the parent company’s website? This restricts you in the way you can market yourself due to restricted access to the code. Not only are you lumped together with all the other agents, there’s nothing to set you apart to help build your brand. Good web design can make you stand out.

All your hard work driving traffic to your page is laid to waste as soon as the user gets distracted by other listings or agents within the company. Having your own site, with your listings helps you build your brand and gives you more effective digital marketing options.

real estate websites

Full control on user data capture.

Freedom to build and showcase your brand.

Source code access for integrations, tracking & retargeting

100% of investment benefits you

Digital Advertising for Real Estate

With today’s short attention spans, it pays to be at the top of your customers’ minds. Over 80% of prospects that see your ads regularly will end up converting into customers.

We are Google certified Adwords experts who know more than your average in-house marketers, as a result of which we can maximise your returns on investment when it comes to Google Ads, the Display Network and Ad . What does this mean for you?

social media marketing for real estate

Use real estate marketing NZ property buyers & vendors respond to. Get more listings & more buyers with our marketing services for real estate!

Retarget users who have visited your site with visual ads around the internet, Facebook & their mobiles for up to 75% less than standard rates.

Target first home buyers, investment property buyers, holiday home buyers and other segments

Target your open home visitors with ads to stay fresh in their minds.

Retargeting & Remarketing for Real Estate

Retarget website & open home visitors across Google, Facebook & Instagram with ads based on their interaction with your site. Retargeting campaigns result in a higher conversion rate.

Remarketing on the other hand is the process of nurturing users who have actively displayed intent e.g. if they download a LIM report for a particular property, we serve them with an ad for the property & also send a follow up email to book a call or viewing.

increasing leads and sales for real estate agents

Target your open home visitors with ads to stay fresh in their minds.

Target users with ads specific to the listings they have shown interest in

Use the collected data to build stronger audiences for improved results

Virtual 3D Tours

Potential buyers may not be able to make it to your open homes for a variety of reasons like tight schedules & lock downs or perhaps they wish to view the property before they make the trip out.

Virtual tours are an excellent way to showcase your property to such people. Having your own website allows you to embed such tours within the property listing resulting in a more well rounded listing.

If you’re a developer, we can also have 3D models rendered based on drawings or floor plans.

3d walkthrough for real estate

Local SEO & Ads for Real Estate Agents

Local SEO and Google Map ads are great to attract vendors as the listings are based on the geographical location of the seller.

Say you’re an agent who specialises in the Takanini area, you’ll want to show up within the map and business listings when someone from the area is searching for a realtor.

local seo and maps ads for real estate agents

Target your open home visitors with ads to stay fresh in their minds.

Target users with ads specific to the listings they have shown interest in

Use the collected data to build stronger audiences for improved results

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Perhaps the biggest thing since the invention of the internet itself. Social media marketing and advertising is vital to building your brand in today’s day and age. With the majority of people spending a ton of time on social platforms such as Facebook, it’s a no brainer.

At Digigo we can fully manage your page, posts and campaigns or just create a schedule and plan to be executed internally. Social media allows you to build your brand online while providing value and building trust and authority in the market.

real estate marketing social media packages

Build your brand, trust & authority in the market

Target buyers, sellers, investors & developers with posts & ads

Be the go to agent for your area

Smarter, data driven marketing done for you

In-House Staff Training & Strategy Sessions

In case you don’t want a fully managed real estate marketing package or if you just want to upskill your workers, you can opt for in house training and strategy sessions. Depending on your requirements we can visit you for ongoing strategy sessions where we look at your campaign performance, discuss your goals and help you tweak the campaigns and make a plan for the month ahead. We can also train your staff in how to create and edit campaigns so that they can do the needful going forward.

property marketing training

Upskill your workers & save time and money in the long term.

Get a quarterly digital marketing strategy with internally executable action points

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