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SEO Packages NZ

Looking for search engine optimisation packages in NZ, the prices and what’s involved?  You’re in the right place. Our packages are tailored to the current state of your SEO campaigns and your goals. We have 3 levels of SEO pricing and packages suitable for most businesses. Whether you’re looking for some SEO advice or have a SEO Auckland expert manage your entire SEO campaign, we can help.

NOTE: SEO is not suitable for all businesses and not every business has the same SEO requirements. We want you to get the most cost effective marketing solution for your business.

In some cases a PPC marketing campaign will be a better fit when compared to an SEO package given the quicker return on investment and keyword competition.

SEO Prices & Options

Why pay more than you should for SEO services? Our SEO packages are designed to work with your existing marketing strategy and we only recommend SEO if it’s really going to make a difference to your bottom line. Our affordable SEO packages add to your business, reduce your workload and secure long term returns for your business.

SEO Advice & SEO Strategy

As one of the top NZ SEO agencies, our SEO experts analyse your website, your competitors and your customers to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy which covers your site structure, site speed, page insights, mobile friendlyness, content and backlink profile. This information and SEO program can then be used by you to manage your SEO internally without needing an external SEO agency.

Fully Managed SEO Service

done for you seo package

Not every business has the internal resources to manage SEO internally. With this SEO option, we handle everything involved with and highlighted in your SEO audit. This includes SEO copywriting, keyword research, website speed improvement, internal linking, meta tag optimisation and more. You get to sit back and focus on actually conducting business.

Mixed Model SEO Service

hybrid seo plan

The happy medium of SEO packages, where we develop the complete SEO plan for you and then you choose what aspects you can manage internally. SEO elements that are beyond internal capabilities are managed by us. We can help you with a split channel strategy handling both your SEO and paid online ads management.

SEO Packages

Search engine optimisation is best undertaken over 6-12 months (for a full campaign). For a new website you can expect your site to be indexed with initial ranks within 2 months. We offer competitive SEO rates to NZ businesses while not outsourcing the work or engaging with your competitors. 

Monthly SEO Retainer

This is a cost effective SEO option for businesses that want to rank for high competition keywords. We perform search algorithm change proof optimisation tasks weekly to ensure your website moves up the ranks steadily to Page One. There are 10 top spots on the first page of Google – those that put in sustained quality work, win. Regular, fresh content and backlinks are the key to a successful SEO campaign. Prices start from $600/mth.

Content Marketing We create and publish fresh content, relevant to your customers

Build backlinks from reputable sources to improve Domain Authority

Optimise and Update Google My Business / Google Map Listings

Fix Search Console, Page Experience and Mobile Usability warnings.

Fixed Term SEO Projects

An alternative to a monthly retainer, our fixed term SEO package is a flat rate SEO package that is suitable for businesses looking to improve existing SEO, especially Mobile SEO or new websites looking to launch:

SEO done right, the first time. New businesses wanting to get indexed and rank fast.

Businesses that need work on specific areas of their SEO strategy

Troubleshooting SEO Problems. We review and rectify your content, code and backlink profile.

Businesses affected by algorithm updates or black hat SEO strategies - we'll rescue your SEO ranks.

ECommerce SEO Package

Our SEO for your ecommerce website provides greater value than just organic traffic. Your ad campaigns on Google Shopping, Google Search and Facebook Ads are linked to the content on your website through a Quality Score. The higher your quality score, the lower your cost / click on ads. So not only will SEO help you get more traffic and improve your listing in search results, it’ll also reduce the cost of advertising.

Increase Quality Score and Reduce cost / click

Reduce cost / sale by converting organic traffic.

Optimise products for an effective Google Shopping feed.

ECommerce SEO Package

Local SEO Package

Suitable for local brick and mortar stores and services. We optimise your website to rank higher for local SEO search terms like ‘<your keyword> Auckland’ or ‘<your keyword> NZ’ e.g. SEO Auckland, SEO NZ. Local SEO is a great way to increase visibility of your website to local buyers. SEO for services like lawyers and accountants and SEO for trades people like plumbers and electricians come under this category.

Optimise Google My Business / Google Map Listing

Localise your website content for better local search ranks

Local domain link building Backlinks from and .nz domain names to further localise your search strategy

We help you get customer reviews to improve your map listing rank as well as overall site rank.

Local SEO Package

SEO Copywriting Package

Fresh, engaging content is one of the main pillars of SEO. Search engines look for websites that provide the customer with value. If your site has been optimised in the past and doesn’t need any more technical SEO, then fresh, optimised content will result in easy rank gains.

We perform keyword research to address your customers' intent

We write engaging content, optimised for search engines and conversions.

We manage and maintain your internal and external link structures

SEO Copywriting

What to expect from our Auckland SEO experts

You’d like to improve targeted traffic to your site but you don’t want to pay for ads indefinitely? Our SEO experts help businesses improve and maintain their organic search ranks.

White Hat SEO

Using black hat methods like buying 100’s of backlinks can be tempting but will get your site banned. Using safe SEO methods (white hat SEO), we ensure that your site maintains and improves ranking despite any future algorithm updates.

NZ SEO Experts

No more talking to someone halfway across the world. Our local SEO experts are based in New Zealand to ensure easier communication and good quality control. Get more organic traffic within 2 months.

Monitor Performance 24/7

 Get a complete overview of your SEO campaign performance. Track which pages and keywords are the most profitable and discover new opportunities. Our reports even show you the (not provided) keywords in Google Analytics.

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