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How SEO Works

Google is in business of providing users with informative and accurate results (paid or organic). They use web crawlers or spiders to ‘read’ a site and see how well it matches a user’s intent. It then uses over 200 signals including site speed, user engagement, site authority and more to give you a rank. To win and get to the top of Google, you need to score higher than your competitors.

Is SEO right for you?

All businesses should have Search Engine Optimisation & Content Marketing as part of their digital strategy. However the level of SEO that’s right for a business varies. In some cases there are other options like influencer marketing and PPC ads that net better returns.

Our SEO Services

Our SEO Services come in three main tiers. You can opt for an audit and analysis only and implement the changes with DIY SEO, have us take care of SEO basics on your site or have us implement a complete link building strategy for high competition keywords.

Website SEO Audit

Get a complete video recorded SEO audit of your website where we look at your site’s performance and code and highlight what’s missing and should be fixed to improve your Google rank.

Keyword Research

Using data from Google and third party sites, we analyse what keywords (including long tail KW’s) are used by consumers in order to decide if an SEO strategy would be a cost-effective option for your business. If it is, then it guides our SEO and content strategy. If not, then the data is useful for PPC campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

We review your top competitors’ SEO strategy, find out where they’re getting their backlinks from, what terms they’re using, their keyword density and more. Essentially we help you reverse engineer winning strategies and do away with the guesswork.

Website SEO Plan

Based on our analysis we create a detailed SEO strategy. This can either be used by your internal SEO person or our SEO experts can execute the strategy for you.

On Page SEO

An umbrella term for the SEO tasks that take place on your website itself. Think optimised code, meta tags, alt tags for images etc.

Internal Linking

Improve user experience by making it easy for users to find more information about what they’re interested in by linking existing content.

Google Maps Optimisation

Map results often show up above organic search results. Make it easy for local customers to find you with Google My Business. We make sure this is done with our Local SEO services

Content Optimisation

As an established business, you likely have a fair chunk of content already. We optimise it to match user intent and get you rising up the ranks faster. Essentially optimising everything the end user encounters on your site.

Rich Snippets

Improve your search result with additional information like reviews and sitelinks to stand out from the crowd.

Sitemap Optimisation

This is more so important for ecommerce businesses. We make the site tree more navigable by spiders by moving all the important pages up the tree to shape what your business ‘looks like to spiders’

SEO Content Writing

Good SEO is about good content because that’s how you address and terminate a user’s query. We study the market and your customers’ intent through extensive keyword research. We then write content that’s easy to read and understand without you having to lift a finger!

Off Site Link Building

We build quality backlinks from authoritative sites. Beware of people trying to sell 100’s of backlinks for a low price. Spam links will get your site penalised. Off site link building must be done authentically with engaging content.

Content & Speed Optimisation

A slow site will cause people to drop off before they make a purchase. Slow sites are also penalised by Google. We improve your site speed and page experience metrics to improve your organic ranks.

SEO results we’ve achieved

Clients we’ve helped get to Page One of Google search results. 

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