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Social Media Marketing Agency NZ

Social media is a powerful channel to grow your business. It can be hard to keep track of all the different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit & More. We’ve got you covered.

We provide social media marketing services that help businesses and brands turn their followers into loyal customers.

Our team manages your social media campaigns so you don’t have to worry about anything except growing your business!

We ensure your brand produces better content, gets more reach and converts more customers by leveraging social media platforms.

How Digigo Helps:

Your social media accounts, media content & followers are all assets to your business and should consciously be built over time. They not only help you increase sales while you own the business, they also add to your sale price when it comes to exit.

Your customers spend the majority of their time online on social media. Drive your message to the right target customers where they spend the most time.

With over a Billion people using social media daily, your message can travel far and wide and get to the right people provided your message and targeting are on point.

Engage with users in real time and be agile in how to react to market movements on social media. The market loves topical content, we create and get it to potential buyers.

Targeting users with ads based on their behaviour and intent has never been easier with the Facebook & Instagram platforms.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Short on time or skills to manage your social media campaigns? We’re here to help.

We take care of everything from developing a comprehensive social media strategy to campaign optimisation. Here’s how we help businesses like yours with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising

It’s time to stop wasting money on ads and start using the tools and strategies that we know work. We’ve been helping businesses grow their social media following, conversion rates and revenue for years, and now it’s our turn to help you get results.

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you exactly how to create a successful social media strategy that gets results? Well, our digital marketing specialists can. We develop social media strategies  strategies tailored to maximise resources and help you achieve your business goals.

Social Media Videos

We partner with one of the top videographers in Auckland, specialising in Social media to create engaging promo videos, reels and more for your social media campaigns. From planning to shooting to editing, Layton will sort you out. We then help you reach your audience with engaging video campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.

Organic Social Media Management

Help users discover and engage with your brand, service or product online with social media. The aim of organic social media is to provide authentic insights into your business. We create, schedule and post engaging creative on selected social channels to drive users through your sales funnel and beyond. Organic social media management is particularly suited as part of restaurant marketing and real estate marketing.

DIY Social Media Support

If you already know your way around social media but need some help with strategy, scheduling and design, then we can help you with that. Working at your business, you have the authentic stories in real time. We make sure they’re worked in as part of a strong social media marketing strategy. We can also help you combine social media ads with Google Ads and SEO to cover your major bases.

Social Media Marketing Results

How our social media services have helped businesses grow

steens honey
300% Increase in Revenue

By improving and optimising an existing ad account and expanding to social channels.

R80 Rugby
22:1 ROAS  (Return on Ad Spend)

By executing Google Shopping and Google Search Ads combined with social media retargeting.

2.5x CPA Reduction

Through Organic SEO, Google & Social Media ad campaigns we reduced the cost / new customer to under $10.

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