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ECommerce Marketing Agency NZ

Need help with getting more bookings and product sales online? Our ecommerce marketing experts provide an end-to-end ecommerce marketing service to increase reach and sales. 

We build ecommerce websites and implement digital marketing systems to increase new and repeat sales & bookings.  These include creating and managing social media ad campaigns, Google Ads and email marketing, personalised retargeting & txt marketing.

What to expect from our NZ Ecommerce Marketing agency

If you’re looking to open an ecommerce store and sell your products online, then we can help. We work with you to understand your business and goals, then we create and manage an effective, integrated ecommerce strategy designed to increase sales on autopilot, for you.

Omnichannel Ecommerce

We have built profitable ecommerce businesses for ourselves and our clients by seamlessly integrating multiple channels like PPC, Social Media, Email and SMS into a unified sales machine. We analyse your business, develop the marketing strategy and deliver results.

Local ECommerce Experts

No more talking to someone halfway across the world. Our ecommerce consultants are based in New Zealand to ensure easier communication and good quality control.

Monitor Ads & Sales 24/7

 Get a complete overview of your ecommerce store performance (products, channels and more) via your real time Analytics dashboard. Use these insights to improve your business.

Auckland ecommerce experts to help you grow

We believe that ecommerce should be approached with an integrated multi channel approach with an emphasis on integrated. There are so many options when it comes to ecommerce: the channels, the integrations, the data feeds and more. We help you select only the ones that’ll serve your business

Integrated Ecommerce Strategy

We integrate all the moving ecommerce parts including building your ecommerce website, ensuring on-site data quality, integrating with marketing channels, optimising the ads and sales funnels and providing you a real time performance report so you can focus on your product.

ECommerce Marketing

We drive traffic to your site via organic and paid channels including Google, Facebook & Instagram and make sure you get a steady flow of relevant traffic and sales.

Conversion Optimisation

We implement strategies and process changes like ad account overhauls, automated email sales funnels, abandoned cart rescue and landing page split testing designed to improve your conversion rates.

After Sale Strategy (LTV)

Improve google ads performance

Most ecommerce stores only focus on the first sale, we focus on maximising returns all the way through the customer life cycle to maximise returns from you investment. If you don’t consider this, you’re leaving money on the table.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Services

Our NZ ecommerce marketing specialists work with businesses with existing ecommerce stores that want to improve their processes and profitability.

We also work with brand new businesses and brick and mortar stores wanting to make the switch to ecommerce to put their best foot forward. If there’s something not mentioned below like payment gateways and crypto payment, get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help.

Developing Ecommerce Strategy

Our ecommerce consultants get to know your business, your customers and the competition and develop a data driven ecommerce marketing strategy. Sales online come down to how well you address each step of the sales funnel. We optimise each phase with a solution relevant to your business. Learn more about how you can optimise your sales funnel. If and when you get stuck and need help with it, come talk to us.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Product Launch Strategy

Reduce Admin & Automate Repetitive Tasks

Post Sale Strategy for Increasing Revenue

ECommerce SEO

Whether you’re a brand new ecommerce store or one that’s been around for a while, we can help improve your website’s organic traffic. SEO for ecommerce is especially important as it doesn’t just affect your organic traffic. It also affects the price you pay for PPC ads as well as how high up the results your Google Shopping listings will sit. Learn more about our Ecommerce SEO services by Auckland SEO experts.

Optimised product descriptions & attributes

Improve sales funnel by optimising link structure

Improve website load speed and user experience

Optimise content for better backlinking opportunities

Ecommerce Websites NZ

We build ecommerce websites that are feature rich, fast, mobile friendly and built to convert (turnkey ecommerce solutions if you will). Prices start from $2500. Check out some of the ecommerce websites we’ve built.

Take Paid or Free Bookings & Reservations

Sell Products on Woocommerce, Shopify or Magento

Sell Digital Courses

Integrate Google Analytics with relevant Events & Conversions

Social Media for Ecommerce

We help you reach your customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Reddit. Confused about which one is right for you? We’ll help you choose the most effective social media platforms for your business and build out profitable ad campaigns on them.

iOS 14 Proof Conversion & Event Tracking

Create and optimise your Facebook Shop and add taggable products for Instagram

Increase your brand's reach with ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Reddit

Design & Optimise Creatives for different ad placements

Google Ads for Ecommerce

Google is the first place someone will go when they’re looking for your product. We create, design and optimise your Google Ads campaigns including the Google Display Network, Youtube and the ever evolving Google Shopping campaigns. Our Google Ads experts handle all the integration and configuration so they’re done right the first time.

Configure Ecommerce Tracking (Events & Conversions)

Setup, maintain and optimise Google Shopping feeds, including supplementary feeds

Build & Improve Target Audiences

Create & Optimise Google Search, Display Network & Youtube Ads

ECommerce Email Marketing

Well configured email marketing is the key to increasing first time sales as well as repeat sales and referrals. This is often ignored because its time consuming. We believe you shouldn’t have any holes in your sales funnel and make it easy for you by automating this process.

We help reduce abandoned carts and increase sales with automated reminders

Convert casual visitors into sales over time (combined with Retargeting Ads)

We touch base with your database regularly to increase repeat sales

ECommerce Marketing NZ Results

Some of our New Zealand based ecommerce clients we’ve helped reach more people and sell more product.

steens honey
300% Increase in Revenue

By improving and optimising an existing ad account and expanding to social channels.

R80 Rugby
22:1 ROAS  (Return on Ad Spend)

By executing Google Shopping and Google Search Ads combined with social media retargeting.

2.5x CPA Reduction

Through Organic SEO, Google & Social Media ad campaigns we reduced the cost / new customer to under $10.

Have a question?

We are platform agnostic when it comes to your ecommerce website. We recommend Woocommerce and Shopify for their functionality. Shopify websites can be more expensive in the long run as the plugins or apps there cost more on a monthly basis.

Google Shopping is currently for products only. Service based businesses are better off using Facebook Lead forms, SEO and Google Search + Display. We also provide those services as part of a full stack ecommerce marketing campaign. Get in touch to see what stack would work best for you.

Yes we can, get in touch for a review of your online store and we’ll show you what it’s missing. If you want to track data on your site, which you do for optimal campaign performance, then you will need Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and other tracking code configured correctly. We bypass the iOS 14 tracking restrictions with Conversion API and other solutions.

For one, you’re going to get your life back. Managing an ecommerce store without the right processes is hard and time consuming. With our tried and tested ecommerce strategies and processes, you get hours of your life back while getting more returns on your digital marketing spend (by reducing the cost / click , improving targeting , increasing conversions and repeat sales).

We’re based in Auckland but serve customers across New Zealand 

Sure, we’ve helped our clients do just that. Whether your want to target the domestic or international market – the fundamentals remain the same. We’ve built campaigns to help kiwi brands enter and expand in both English speaking (US / UK) and non-English speaking countries like Spain & Germany.

Ready to start or grow your ecommerce business?

Integrated ecommerce marketing NZ has been waiting for, delivered by Auckland based ecommerce experts.

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