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Website SEO Copywriting Auckland

Our SEO copywriters help you improve your organic traffic and convert more visitors into sales. SEO Copywriting is important for your website’s SEO and overall marketing performance.

By writing compelling meta titles and descriptions, and by optimizing your site’s content for search engines, we can improve your search rankings on Google and other popular search engines.

If you are looking for an SEO company that can help you write optimised content in Auckland then look no further than Digigo.

Website SEO Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services Auckland
Keyword Research

Keyword research is a map to the mind of your consumer. Without it, your content is misdirected and attempt to rank are futile

Rewrite Meta Tags

Updating your meta tags improves click through rates, traffic and organic ranks

Improve Quality Score

Better content improves your Google Quality Score which in turn reduces your cost / click

Blog Post Updates

Outsource your blog writing to local SEO copywriters

Optimise Ecommerce Product Descriptions

We can write or optimise your product descriptions for search engines & humans. We also provide full Ecommerce SEO packages.

Content Marketing Services

We create engaging content that can be syndicated to other websites for backlinks

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How our SEO copywriters create content that works

We understand your target audience Who are we writing for? What are their needs and wants? What are their biggest challenges?

We research your topic inside and out. The more we know about your topic, the better we'll be able to write about it.

Clear concise writing for a better user experience and better Flesch Reading Scale scores.

Keyword Research to identify the right keyword clusters to match our writing to the user's intent.

Meaningful internal linking to guide users through your website sales funnel.

We can also manage your Blog and GMB with fresh content, updated regularly.

Other things our Auckland SEO experts do

Full SEO Services

We offer full SEO services to NZ businesses wanting to increase organic traffic. We optimise your site structure, the website code and content. We offer flat rates and monthly pricing to suit your needs. Check out our SEO packages and pricing here

ECommerce SEO

Search engine optimisation specific to ecommerce websites. Sell more products while saving your ad budget in more ways than one: improved quality score and organic traffic.

Improve Website Load Speed

We reduce the time it takes to load your website to improve the user experience and Page Experience metrics. Run tests at GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights to see how fast your site loads. If your site loads slowly on mobile devices, our Mobile SEO packages will help

Technical SEO

Businesses often have good content but miss out on the technical optimisation when it comes to their website. Things like meta tags, alt tags, rich snippets and open graph sharing often get ignored. Our website designers in Auckland make sure all the technical bits of your website are up to scratch to make it easier and faster to index correctly.

Your SEO Copywriting Questions, Answered.

Our SEO copywriting services are available on a monthly retainer or one off pricing model depending on what you need. One off pricing is $100/1000 words. Monthly retainers to manage and maintain your broader SEO strategy including copywriting start at $800/mth.

Yes we can create fresh blog posts regularly and can also write your email marketing emails for you. If you’re an ecommerce business, check out our email marketing packages.

Yes you can write your own copy but not all copy is created equal. Ensure you follow best practices like keyword research, content structure tags and match the user intent to the copy you write.

If you’ve written some copy but it isn’t ranking well, we can update it for you. Get in touch so we can scope it out and give you an accurate price.

We’re based in Auckland but serve customers across New Zealand¬†

You know your business the best. Our content writers discuss your goals, services and products with you and work in tangent with you to improve your website copy. 

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Improve Google ranks and get more sales with optimised website text

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