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Which social media platform is right for your business?

Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media networks. It is a form of online marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks to create awareness and drive traffic to a website or landing page.

The top social media platforms for NZ customers are:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube & TikTok

Depending on the industry you’re in and your business goals are you may choose some or all of those platforms. Generally we don’t advise using all platforms as you’ll end up spreading yourself too thin. They key is to choose a few platforms and execute your campaigns well.


advertising is best suited to businesses who want to create awareness for their brand and drive traffic to their website or landing page. Businesses in industries such as retail, hospitality, travel, and automotive would benefit from Facebook advertising.


is better suited to businesses who offer visually appealing products. The demographic on Instagram is younger than Facebook and given the platform is a visual one with images and video only – it is best suited to businesses who have visually striking creative available. Think fashion, hospitality, travel but not always lawyers and accountants. In saying that, we can create creative that will work on Instagram even for ‘boring’ businesses.


is another visual platform that is best suited to businesses that offer experiences, homeware, wedding related services, fitness products & services and food products. This is because customers will often create a Pinterest inspiration board when in the often lengthy consideration phase for such products & services. Learn more about the customer sales cycle here.


has over 1.9 billion active users. Over half of all internet users visit YouTube. The average user spends over 40 minutes on YouTube per session and is often at leisure. Youtube is suitable to all businesses provided they have engaging video content. They offer skippable and unskippable ads. The targeting system is similar to Google ads which makes it one of the most powerful targeted marketing platforms.


is the newest kid on the block and it’s demographic ranges from 12 year olds to 50+ year olds. Tiktok is solely a video platform where you share 15-second videos to a ‘story’. This means is very different from other platforms and requires a slightly different approach that involves a higher level of production. We can help you decide whether this is the right fit for you and run campaigns on Tiktok for you. For many businesses, Instagram may be a better fit.


is the least used of these platforms, but it is actually one of the most powerful if you have the right content for this platform. Reddit is like a giant online forum. Communities (known as subreddits) are focused around particular topics and the communities themselves create rules that need to be adhered to. It’s important to learn what those rules are before engaging with this platform. Reddit is great for performing influencer marketing, visibility and building your brand – not always generating direct sales like other platforms

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