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The Top 10 Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategies You Never Knew Worked

Even for the most seasoned restaurant owner, running a successful restaurant in today’s digital world can be daunting, as restaurant owners don’t depend on word of mouth alone to promote their business. The best restaurants leverage mobile technology and digital media for success.

Even for the most seasoned restaurant owner, running a successful restaurant in today’s digital world can be daunting, as restaurant owners don’t depend on word of mouth alone to promote their business. The best restaurants leverage mobile technology and digital media for success.
Consider that 60% of restaurants fail, that’s how fierce the competition is. Your digital strategy has to be absolutely spot on. Food lovers don’t go to the yellow pages to look for restaurants. They use Google to search for restaurants in their area, so you need a great digital strategy to rank in the top spots of a user’s search.
A functional and mobile-friendly website
Your website is your biggest marketing tool. It’s the business card that promotes your restaurant and entices visitors to take a look at your menu, daily deals, food prices and events. The website should be regularly updated with new content that is SEO rich and optimised for voice search and mobile devices. Easy navigation is essential for a memorable user experience on your site.
Go social
It’s almost impossible to go through a day on social media without coming across a delectable meal shared by one of the people you follow. Food porn is real, and it’s how the top restaurants get your taste buds excited enough to take the inevitable trip to their restaurant.
The best platform for restaurants to market their meals is on Instagram. The hashtag feature and targeting tools ensure your ads get to your target audience. Facebook is the next best thing if you prefer it. For a better campaign, hire a social media expert to take charge, at least in the early days.
Set up Google Places
It’s important that you set up Google Places for your restaurant, because it allows visitors to easily find your business on Google Maps. It ensures that anyone in your area looking for “restaurant near me” will find your restaurant when they do a Google search.
Sponsor a charity event
Charity events are a huge win on any day. Firstly, you’re connecting with the local community who form the bulk of your patrons, tugging at their heartstrings by showing you care and engaging with new prospects. Don’t forget, you’re also giving back to the community, which is a noble cause. Look for a charity event and offer free catering services. Start with small events and make your way up so you don’t overextend yourself.
Optimise your website for SEO
SEO is one of the most crucial elements for any business looking to make it in the online world. You’ve created a spectacular website, updated information, contact details, images and videos for your guests, yet when you enter restaurants in your area, yours isn’t on page one to three. The answer is poor SEO strategy.
SEO experts explain that a restaurant website has to be properly optimised to meet the criteria upon which SERP results are based. Criteria include increasing the number of inbound links, creating content enriched with videos and quality images, incorporating keywords in your content and frequently editing your website content. That being said, ensure your content and link to page is relevant to the business. For instance, your page URL cannot read while you provide food and catering services to customers.
Offer a virtual tour of your restaurant
A great food experience is more than just the food. It’s the interior décor, ambience, table setting, music and everything else that makes the environment electric. Displaying the visual content of your restaurants, such as images of the interior, wall art, food, staff and décor, shows people what to expect when they dine at your establishment.
Now you have the attention of the viewer, they click your webpage, increase the number of organic traffic and conversions. A virtual tour extends the time a visitor spends on your site, which increases your site ranking and tells Google that people enjoy the content you provide.
Read and respond to reviews
This is a very important step for any business in the service industry. It is also the trickiest to handle. No matter how good your meals are, you won’t get a 100% score or a 5-star review from every customer, that’s a tough but real fact of life. Reviews are the lifeline of a restaurant business.
Before a customer makes the choice to eat at your restaurant, chances are they are going to listen to recommendations and complaints from other people who’ve eaten at your restaurant. Mondovo states that an overwhelming 92% of consumers read online reviews and hold them in a higher esteem than the opinions of family and friends. Get ahead of your consumer and don’t allow bad reviews to go unanswered. It shows that you care about your customers. Actively collect reviews from your customers to rank high on search engines.
Email marketing
Email marketing has been the most resilient technique of digital marketing for a long time. Restaurant owners can send information on events, specials, new menus and other promotional content to their customers for free. MailChimp is the best platform to try. It lets you send out emails to up to 2,000 contacts. To collect emails, ask guests for their email address to gain access to your free restaurant Wi-Fi.
Get listed on Yelp
Yelp is an important player in the restaurant industry. Strong Yelp reviews are a sure fire way to increase your audience and boost your customer base. People will review your restaurant even without an account so set up your own account, so it works in your favour. Add photos of your bestselling meals, location, store hours, price ranges, Wi-Fi, a full menu listing and other benefits.
Video is King
Video strategy is essential for success. Most online users spend up to an hour watching video content. Your videos should be professional and communicate your restaurant’s value. Hire a video production specialist when showing off a new menu. The videos should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length.
It’s not easy for restaurant owners to handle the daily operations of their business while implementing a digital marketing strategy. Leverage new techniques by hiring a digital marketing expert to manage your marketing strategy. Focus on the techniques we’ve mentioned here and always deliver great-tasting meals matched by excellent service delivery for a wonderful experience.

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