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Web Design Trends for 2018

Since the advent of internet and web technology, a lot has been done to make websites look better. The emphasis on web design has increased dramatically over the last few years with new tools, techniques, and strategies in place. Every year designers come up with something new to make the appearance of a website better. It is a fresh new year again and time for some design trends that you could implement on your site. With the help of a good Auckland web design company, you can get the best for your business or personal website.

Animated Background
An image can say a lot about your website without saying anything at all and an animated one can definitely make a positive impact. The best Auckland web design companies use light javascript to create animations that don’t take much space or time to load. You can incorporate a demo of your product or even a process how your business model works via animated backgrounds. This makes the site more user-friendly and sets it apart from static sites. Check out to see an example of a non-JS animated slider.
Focus on Mobile Platforms
Internet users have drastically shifted from traditional PCs to smartphones and tablets for all their web needs. People love to stay connected while on the move and hence your focus must be in making your site mobile friendly. With the help of web design companies in Aukland or anywhere in the world, you can make your site compatible with modern mobile devices. Your website should be capable of identifying the device and function as per the features on that specific phone, tablet or PC.
Integration with Voice Assistants
Smart assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Google assistant have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years. The awareness of this technology is rapidly growing among the user communities around the world. People are now using this convenient feature to find information and even perform most of the tasks without touching or holding the device. So integrating your website to work with those smart assistants puts your website at the top of the list in no time.
Vibrant Colors
Designers have always managed to stay with colours that are safe for web but things are changing now. Many web design companies today have experimented with bold and vibrant colours in the landing pages of websites. The response has been impressive and users find such sites attractive and tend to explore more. You can use a saturated colour scheme where applicable and it helps you highlight key contents of your website too.
Custom Viewing Options
You have always designed a website based on how you want it to look rather than how users want it. It is not possible to satisfy every user’s perspective, however, allowing users to choose from various themes can be a smart move. Create multiple themes just like how you do for PCs and smartphones (responsive versions). This allows users to pick a colour scheme using which they want to view your website as well as the feature view they’d like to operate in. This allowance for customisation allows you to keep your website visitors hooked on to your site for longer.
Intergrated Chatbots
In a time where users demand instant information, it is a good idea to integrate an always-on chat bot into your site which can answer simple questions for the user. You can also add in a human element to the chatbot by linking it to a live chat service for a few cents per conversation. This gives your site a 24 hour helpdesk that the user can use along their path to purchase.

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