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The importance of digital marketing

Traditional marketing methods like Radio, TV & Print are near death. Digital marketing dwarfs them by outstripping them on reach, cost, targeting abilities and returns on investment. It’s a whole new world, be part of it…

Digital spend is up in 2021 with many companies opting for a digital only strategy thanks to things like the virus and changes in people’s focus.

With technology moving faster than ever before, it is important to keep up with the changing landscape. Here are some other reasons why digital marketing is now more important than ever for your business to stay relevant and flourish:

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing

Although it seems daunting, digital marketing is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing. The cost is the lowest it’ll ever be as more players enter the market so the best time is NOW.

People focus & research online

Today the majority of people research online before making a purchase decision. This trend has grown over the years, especially with the release of new technologies that make it easier and faster than ever before to do this.

Think about how you behave before you make a purchase. Either Facebook pre-empts you wanting it and shows you an ad and you go down a rabbit hole or you go to Google.

If you’re not in the digital space, your competition is and you’re not even a part of the conversation.

Barriers to entry are low – All can do it, few can do it well.

The barriers to enter the conversation are lower now than they have ever been. Good reporting allows for full transparency and attribution.

Highly measurable marketing activities – know where your money goes.

Digital marketing is highly measurable, which allows you to get a lot more bang for your buck. You can easily break down and understand what activities have worked the best and why.

Once you’ve got an insight into what has worked for you, it becomes easier to replicate those results in the future. This makes digital marketing hugely scalable – something that it a lot more expensive with things like billboards and TVC’s

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