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Hiring cheap web designers? Read this first

Sometimes you’re willing to sacrifice a little quality for a really low price. However that can be just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what to watch out for…

Hiring cheap web designers is a risky proposition. It may look like you’re saving money, but beware of the hidden costs and risks.

The most obvious is the quality of work

The trouble with low pricing applies to web design as with any other industry. Corners are cut in various places, most usually quality control or service.

You end up micro managing the project more than your business

As the project gets kicked down the road, you’re left chasing up your designer for tiny changes and updates. Cheap outsourced web designers tend to be less responsive, leaving you waiting for answers on important questions like SEO, social media marketing, and website maintenance.

You lose time, you lose money.

What starts out as an acceptable experience turns into a frustrating mess when it takes forever for the project to be finished. You might have to wait weeks or even months before your site is done with all the “little” things that were not on your project plan being added in (and charged for).

Good web design & functionality takes time

Good website design and functionality is also just a sequence of steps. These include the wireframing, designing, coding, debugging etc. All these processes take time in order to be finished. Don’t buy a website off Wish – you know what happens then.

Open to hacks

Using cheap, low quality or half baked templates is another low cost trick that many web designers use. It’s the easiest and fastest way to give you a site, but it means your site will look like everyone else who uses those same low-quality templates.

The problem with these templates are they’re usually not easy well designed & coded. If the code or plugins are left insecure, then you run the risk of being hacked.

Where you host your site matters

Cheap web designers often lump clients onto shared servers which can be risky as you could have noisy neighbours that you get associated with. This affects your rankings in Google, plus your site may take a performance hit when visitors have to share server resources.

Quality hosting of your website is important because it’s the engine room of your online business. A slow website isn’t just frustrating for you and your potential customers, it also lowers conversions (and hence profits).

Fraud risk with cheap web design

Another problem with cutting corners is that places like India are often hotbeds for fake websites designed to scam people. Sometimes these even get into search engines and mainstream media as a reputable company, only to disappear shortly after taking money from victims. When they go down you feel the pain too.

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad. There are reliable and skilled web designers out there who consistently provide quality work for a reasonable price, but you’ll need to look hard for them.

Digigo’s pricing is not the cheapest but you’ll get the best bang for your buck. With no redundant functionality and all the good bits + marketing advice on how to best use your website, you’ll be in good hands. Prices start from $1750+gst.

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